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Baby U | Cornwall New York| Newborn Photography

Published by: Laura Kobes

Baby U was born less than weeks ago. I had the privilege to photograph him last week after he arrived home. I was happy to be invited into the home of these beautiful new parents, to capture the little moments with their sweet baby boy. Welcome to the world little man. 

Photographing this newborn session brought back so many memories of my littles. The smell of new baby (the sweetest scent to any mother), the tiny fingers and the itty bitty toes, the little button nose. Oh my heart melts when I'm photographing newborns. I love it!  

I love documentary photography and even lifestyle photography because those show life as it really is (documentary) or even slightly cleaned up more than normal (lifestyle). While posed shots look pretty, they're, well, posed. So, I was very happy this mommy & daddy were up for documentary, lifestyle and posed photographs. It was a wonderful shoot!