Laura Kobes Photography


Heitkam Family Pictures

My favorite family Christmas tradition is cutting down our own tree. On the east coast it is so easy to find amazing cut your own Christmas Tree farms with so many various kinds of trees. Here in Arizona, you have to apply for a permit to cut down your own tree. Permits are very limited. Instead of cutting their own tree, people in Phoenix & Scottsdale typically opt for fake trees or  buy from Christmas tree lots. At first, I was a little disappointed when we decided to buy a fake tree this year but when my cousin Lindsey told me she wanted to do her family pictures at a Christmas Tree farm, I got so excited. I showed up and fell in love with her skirt right away! She looked so beautiful with her makeup done by MAC and her handsome boys accompanying her. This was my first time photographing Lindsey, Aaron, and Ash and I can not wait until the next time! Love you cousin.