Laura Kobes Photography


Arizona Family Photography Style

As a photographer there are a few things I am SWEAR BY! One of those things I swear by is careful outfit selection! Style and fashion can really make or break the image. There are a few ways to go about styling your family for photographs. You can do like I did and start with one key piece, one FAVORITE garment and head straight to Nordstrom. Nordstrom has its own, very talented stylists, who can piece together the perfect ensemble for your entire tribe. It was too easy! Another option is to hire a stylist. Yes, that is really a thing, and it is more popular than you might expect. Ask your photographer if they have a name of a stylist they recommend. Another tried and true option is to style your session on your own. If you have those incredible skills, my hat is off to you! If you do choose to style your own family I recommend three things... First, coordinate vs match. Matching shirts and jeans can look real bad real quickly! Second, over dressing is preferred! Go for the amazing dress over jeans any day! Third, Do not, ever, please, unless you are 80+ wear socks and sandals. Haha! I am half kidding. This family perfectly pieced together everything and they look so on point! This was such a fun family photo session. I love candid looks and am a big fan of capturing all those in-between moments. Those, in my opinion, are the moments that matter the most.